NEN Conference 2023 – Presentations

Technology Landscape

Harmeet Sahota (Head Teacher Pioneer Academy): A Day in the Life of a Head Teacher: Why we are here!!

Catriona Scobbie: (Education Scotland) The policy framework and Experience in Scotland

Artificial Intelligence

John Hackett (NEN and author of the guidance for schools) AI: Opportunities and Challenges posed by AI

Ken Corish: AI: the challenges and opportunities for educators

Michael Webb (Jisc): AI in Universities and Colleges: A View from Jisc’s National Centre of AI in Tertiary Education

Cyber Security

Paul A (Head of Education, Academia & Charities, NCSC): Schools and Cyber Security perspective

Heather Toomey (ICO): The ICO: What We See and What We Expect To See

Hywel Morgan (Senior Enterprise Executive: Sophos): Technology trends and the cyber threat landscape. Findings of global research

Mark Bentley (LGfL): View from the staffroom: hacked, attacked, repeat? Nothing that AI can’t fix

Digital Skills

Esther Barrett ( Jisc): Experience in Wales of integrating digital skills into the school curriculum

Harmeet Sahota (Head Teacher and author of NEN skills paper) and Scott Hayden (Basingstoke College): Challenges and experience of integrating digital skills into the curriculum.

Tig Williams (Digitall): Technology and the Skills required for the workforce of tomorrow

Closing Keynote

Miles Berry (Professor of Computing Education, University of Roehampton and Chair of NCCE) Teachers’ Digital Skills